About Me

Hello! I’m Brittany.

I have 2 beautiful children, a dog for a bestie, and a passion for professional rambling. I’m a minimalist, feel strongly about animal welfare, and believe in keeping it real, 24/7. And I’m Canadian! Woop! I follow a super strict Ketogenic diet and am on one hell of a weight loss journey right now. Overall better health and wellness is the ultimate goal, but I’m not going to pretend that I don’t also have a number in mind that I want to see on the scale. See? Keeping it real.

About the Blog

By Bri is a blog about self-discovery.

It is a place to share and document everything I experience during my journey. My life is changing. I’m no longer in auto-pilot mode just trying to survive as a single mom with 2 young kids. I’m flourishing and living and finding what it means to be an adult woman, and it’s something I want so so badly to share with the world. I want to connect with like-minded women and talk about health and wellness, or beauty and boys, and I want to share my new-found love of cooking low-carb. This is my platform.

Why “By Bri” instead of “By Brittany”

My name can be spelled so many different ways, honestly, I was worried no one would find me on Google or social media if I called this blog “By Brittany”. They could end up searching Britney, Brittni, Brittney, Britteny.. you get it. I want to be found! Bri is simple and straightforward.

Do you have any more questions? Or do you want to work together in some fashion? Contact me.