A Guide to Minimizing Digital Clutter

Minimalist practices can be applied to many aspects of your life, not just your physical belongings. Considering how much time we spend digitally connected, minimizing the digital clutter in your life can be incredibly beneficial. Simplifying and streamlining your digital life will help limit the amount of time you spend in from of a screen and increase the amount you have to spend living your best life.

digital clutter

1. Clean out your email account.

Unsubscribe from all those weekly newsletters that pile up. Do you actually read them? Do you enjoy them? Do they provide a purpose to you? A great resource for bulk unsubscribing is Unroll Me (it’s free). Also, do you have any old email addresses floating around? Close those accounts. Have one email address for all your personal emails. Business owners and bloggers will need 2, obviously, but the point is to simplify. Do you still need missthang99 or qtpie@hotmail.com? I doubt it. you’re grown ass adult. Make a grown ass adult email address for personal affairs and can the rest.

2. Assess your social media accounts.

How many people are you following on Facebook that you wouldn’t stop to say hi to IRL? I understand there are some family and far away friends where this rule isn’t ideal, but use it generally. Are you following someone just to stalk them for your friends? MOVE ON. How about all of those pages you have liked since 2006? Still like them all? Here’s a tip from a page owner: If they aren’t showing up in your news feed, it’s because you’re not interacting with them. Empty “likes” i.e someone who likes your page but never interacts with it actually hinders a page owners reach (the amount of people that see our posts). Go through your Twitter account, are you following people for the hell of it, or because you genuinely like their content? Do you find yourself clicking their links or retweeting their tweets? If not, then you don’t need to be following them. Be intentional about who you spend your online time with.

3. Go through your files and folders on your computer/smartphone/tablet.

Delete what you don’t need anymore and properly file what you do. Keeping these folders clean and organized will shorten the amount of time it takes to find pictures or documents. The less time spent on searching through unnecessary/disorganized files, the more time you have for what you love.

4. Inventory your digital services.

Do you really need cable? Do you use your Audible service? If not, let them go! They are costing you money and adding clutter to your digital life. If you haven’t used it in the last month, ditch it. You can always back up again if you really feel incomplete without it.

5. Finally, take a hard look at your media collections.

CD’s, DVD’s, BluRay’s.. Do you watch them regularly? Consider a streaming service like Netflix for movies or Spotify for music. Just make sure you’re actually going to use the streaming service since you don’t want to waste your money or time. (See #4!) You can even sell off those CD’s and DVD’s and pay for your new streaming service for the whole next year!

In today’s digital world, is alarming how much time we spend with a screen. Minimize what you can and be intentional about your time spent with all forms of media.

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  1. Hear you on the media collections. Stuff in general. Currently doing a major cleanout, and looking at all those cds wondering who is gonna take them. Might look into UnrollMe too cheers!

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