DIY Monogrammed Makeup Brush Holder

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I recently made a HUGE order with E.L.F. Cosmetics.

Why E.L.F.? Well, they’re cruelty free, ridiculously cheap, and they’re products work ahhhmazingly. Anyways, in that order was a new set of 12 makeup brushes that I was in dire need of. The problem is, they didn’t come with a case or bag. I only have 3 compartments in my makeup bag (which are already bursting at the seams) so keeping them all together was kind of a pain. Rather than throw them in a jar on my vanity, I decided to DIY a really cute, personalized brush holder that I thought I would share with you guys in case you have a similar problem. This holder is versatile enough to hold more than brushes, like pens and markers for example, but the purpose of this post will be about using it for brushes.

Anyways, it’s super easy to make and adds a really cute pop to my vanity table. I bought all the supplies at my local dollar store so my color selections were limited but I’ll add some amazon links to similar supplies, in case you prefer to order it to your door instead of going shopping in the real world. (Trust me, I get it.)


Glass container or jar
Plastic jewels
Glitter letter stickers

I used these fake diamond looking ones because hey, a girls can dream.


– Fill your glass jar or container 1/3 full with the plastic jewels or jems of your choice, or real diamonds if you’re loaded. No judgement here.

– Apply the glitter letter sticker of your choice to the outside of the container. I chose B for my name but you could do M for makeup, B for brushes, whatever.

– Stick your brushes in the container, applicator side up, and wiggle them in between the jewels.

– Step back an revel at the beauty you have just created. This is my favorite step.

Told you it was easy! Want to pin this for later? 


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