The Best Places to Find Low Carb Recipes

One of the most daunting aspects of switching to a low carb or keto diet is trying to find decent recipes to make. We as humans are creatures of habit. Most of us have been making the same recipes and meals for our whole lives so transitioning to a new way of eating can be intimidating. Simply typing “low carb recipes” into Google is a surefire way to feel instantly overwhelmed so I’ve put together a list of 4 solid resources that will help answer the question “Where are the best places find low carb recipes?”.¬†

Facebook Groups

I use Facebook Groups for a multitude of reasons. They’re great for support and connecting with like-minded individuals. They’re also great for finding curated content such as recipes! I’m currently a member of 19 Keto related groups, 5 of which are solely for recipes, and they have been invaluable in finding tried and true recipes. You’re connecting with real people who have actually tested these recipes and can give incredible feedback and tips.

I find them so useful, in fact, that I’ve created my own group for recipes and would love for you to join! This group is 100% food and recipe focused so feel free to share what you find, peruse other member’s posts, or ask questions about how make substitutions and tweak existing recipes. See it here.

if you’re looking for support or general information on Keto I recommend the Ketogains group and the Ketogenic Diet Science and Support group.

Cook Books

If you like tangible, hard copy inspiration there are some great recipe books available on Amazon. The benefit of this method is they’re already printed and organized for you. The downside is there may be multiple recipes you’re not interested in. Either way, cookbooks have always been a kitchen staple and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Here are a few highly recommended low carb recipe books:

Note: These are affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase through my links, I will receive a small commission from your purchase. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost you anything extra, it just helps me keep my site up and running. You can read more here or check out this video on my Facebook page if you have questions.

Low Carb Blogs

There are a lot of keto / low carb sites out there have recipes. Sometimes it can be frustrating to follow those sites if they post about a variety of keto topics when all you want is recipes, or if they’re lifestyle blogs like mine, that also sometimes post about topics that have nothing to do with keto. While they can be a wealth of info for all things keto, if you’re just looking for easy recipe inspiration, stick with blogs that post only that. A lot of time you can sign up for their email lists and have new recipes sent to you, or you can just bookmark them and take a look from time to time.

Below are 8 blogs I HIGHLY recommend for focused low carb recipe content:

Also, it would be silly for me not to remind you about the recipe section of By Bri ūüėČ

If you’re looking for sites that offer more generalized info on Keto + Recipes I recommend Ruled.Me, The Keto Diet App blog, and The Diet Doctor.


Pinterest is last on this list but it’s definitely not least and is actually my favorite place to find low carb recipes. It’s a visually appealing platform with endless mouthwatering images of delish low carb food.¬†Pinterest has a similar benefit to Facebook Groups in the sense that users can leave comments and reviews of recipes under each pin so you’ll be better able to determine if it’s something you want to try.¬† I currently have 13 Pinterest boards dedicated to low carb and keto recipes, most categorized by main ingredient. Here are a few of them:

For a full list of boards I have you can go directly to my profile. I pin new recipes daily!

While Pinterest is personally my favorite, time and time again I see posts from members in my support groups who don’t understand how to really use the platform. I understand it can be a definite learning curve so I’ve decided to do a video tutorial next week, that I’ll link to here. It will also be a new independent¬†post so you can also follow along on Facebook to know when the tutorial has been published. If you have any specific questions you want me to answer about the platform in the video, leave a comment below and I’ll address it.¬†

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