July Personal Growth Challenge

July is my favorite month. I may be partial since I was born in July but seriously, it’s sunny, hot, and full of opportunity. This month’s personal growth challenge will ensure I get the most out of July 2017. 

The Goal:

I’m giving up TV for 30 days.


Before you click the little x and write me off as a crazy person, hear me out. The average American spends just over 5hrs a day watching TV. That’s 35 hours a week. We Canadians aren’t far behind either, averaging out around 27 hours per week.

Now, take a look at your to-do list and imagine having an extra 30 hours a week. As a minimalist, my goal is to keep my to-do list pretty sparse but it’s just that, a goal. I still have a number of other things I could or should be doing rather than burning 3-4 hours a night in front of the tube.

This was actually one of the unexpected benefits of doing my very first personal growth challenge last year – 21 early days. I was so darn tired by the time I put the kids to bed that I just went to bed myself. My early mornings were spent working, exercising, learning, or sometimes just existing quietly with my coffee. They definitely weren’t spent binge watching Netflix.

As with my last challenge, I have defined a few guidelines for myself but remember to personalize it for you and your lifestyle.

  • No television shows or movies on any kind of device for 30 days. This includes extended Youtube videos!
  • Social events are exempt (example: sporting event viewing parties, movie theater date). I don’t usually do either of those regardless but… okay I never do either of those. Still, I feel like I need to list the stipulation.
  • Music videos, Facebook clips, Instagram Stories, etc, are all ok. I’ve never wasted hours of my life repeatedly watching a video on someones Insta page. I work in media, I’m surrounded by it everyday and can responsibly stay connected without needing to ghost on all my social media accounts.

As per usual I’ll be using a hashtag when I share about the challenge – #30DaysTVFree – and I invite you to join my Facebook Group if you have any interest in trying this challenge, the previous one, or any of the ones coming up. You can jump in whenever, no need to start when I do or follow the same schedule. Hope to see you there!

personal growth challenge

Photo Credit:  Jens Kreuter

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