September Personal Growth Challenge

You may have noticed I didn’t post an August Personal Growth Challenge. Once you see September’s, you’ll know why. 

I was never a big drinker. Even in my pre-mom days of substance abuse, alcohol was never my “drug” of choice. Sure, I drank sometimes, but I was chasing a different kind of buzz that booze just couldn’t provide. That being said, this past summer was different. My kids were gone majority of the summer break, I was feeling pretty good about myself for losing 70lbs, and I wanted to get back into the dating game. Naturally, drinks with my girls became a pretty frequent occurrence.

The problem was, it didn’t stay just “drinks with the girls”. It became drinks “because I’m bored”, drinks “because I’m stressed”, or drinks “because why the hell not?”. I honestly lost count of the times I woke up feeling like garbage because I destroyed a 26er of vodka the night before. I’m not sure what a 26er is to Americans. In Canada it refers to a 26oz bottle, which I think is called a “fifth” in other countries. Anyways, regardless, way too much booze for a normal person, let alone someone on a low carb diet.

I’m sure some of you are like “Girl, chill. Why not just have like, a drink. Why a whole bottle?”. Moderation is not one of my strong traits. I tend to take everything to an extreme and it’s something I’m actively working on.

To read more about the effects of alcohol on someone doing low carb or keto, read this.

It started to affect my work goals (see: no August Challenge) and most importantly my health goals. I mean, who wants clean good food after a night of drinking? You wan’t bread, chips, fried stuff, ALL THE CARBS. And working out while hung over? Yeah right. If you’re one of those people that can eat a baked chicken breast while half in the bag all the way in the bag, then get up and do a 5k in the morning, then all the power to you, man. I’m not one of those people. My hangovers include melting into the couch and hating myself. Productivity is a literal level zero. Fortunately, I haven’t gained any weight back but I sure as hell haven’t lost any more, recently. Plus, partying is expensive as hell!

In my adult life, I’ve recognized this behavior in myself before with other “crutches” and thankfully have the self awareness to know when it’s heading somewhere dangerous. In my teen years, not so much. This, though, was heading somewhere dangerous which brings me to the announcement of the September Personal Growth Challenge.


I’m not sure if many of you will jump on the bandwagon for this challenge since it does seem a bit personal but if it inspires at least one person, I’ll be happy. Generally, at this point in the announcement, I would talk about my personal boundaries or rules but this one is pretty straight forward. There’s only one guideline: don’t drink for the entire month of September.

I’m not saying I’ll never have a drink again, but I am HELLA results driven and I have a pretty good suspicion that I’ll make great strides in my work and health goals this month. In turn, I think it will deter me from relying on a big ole bottle of vodka for fun in the future, on my off time.

September is here, we’re getting back on schedule and it’s time to refocus on what I’ve been working so hard the achieve.

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For the record, and I’m not even sure why I feel the need to mention this, probably because random internet people can be mean and judgy, but I don’t drink when my kids are home, okay? I’m not an idiot. If there’s one thing I’ve done really right in my life, it’s being a mom. But as I mentioned above, they were gone most of the summer, not just their scheduled weekend visits, which means I had a ridiculous amount of time off from mom-duty. 

Photo by Jadon Barnes on Unsplash


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