Underwear Subscription Service ‘Knotty Knickers’ Review

Knotty Knickers Review

Subscriptions are all the rage right now. The prospect of getting a box of random yet themed “stuff” in the mail every month has the minimalist in me shooketh. However, I’m okay with getting on board with simple subscriptions that will send me specifically what I need. 

As I mentioned in my Facebook Live video, after a significant weight loss, replacing your clothing is pretty standard. One area I forgot to tend to though, was my panty collection so when I read about Knotty Knickers, I was pretty pumped.

Basically, they’re an underwear subscription service. Here’s the breakdown:

  • You can sign up for 1-3 pairs per month
  • They’re 3.99 a pair
  • You can select either all thongs (the Naughty Package), no thongs (the Nice Package), or a combination of both (the Sugar and Spice Package)
  • Shipping is $1 to most places

I’m really not a fan of shopping, specifically in stores, so this seemed like a logical solution to my droopy drawers problem. They state on the site they’re true to fit so I ordered a medium Nice Package and crossed my fingers.

The Order

When the package came in the mail, I was disappointed that they were in a plain paper envelope because it was raining that day and the envelope was soggy on one corner. However, the brand reached on the FB Live video and let me know this was simply for discretion purposes and also allowed them to keep the shipping cost down for customers by being able to deliver them to mailboxes, as opposed to a bulky box that needs to be shipped by courier. It wasn’t their fault that it rained that day. I think I was being salty and appreciated that they popped by to clarify.

In the first order, I initially liked 2/3 pairs but the 3rd pair I wasn’t keen on quickly became a favorite too. They mention on their website if there is a style you absolutely despise, let them know and they’ll try their best to not send it again. So that’s cool.

Here is the first unboxing video I did on FB. The video quality is sub par but seriously, this post will probably make a lot more sense.

I wanted to wait until another month came in before writing the review so I could have a better idea of the styles and confidently speak to the quality. Here are the styles that came in the second package:

Again, there was one pair I wasn’t really a fan of (the pink ones) but they’re comfortable. Also, the black ones are like full back underwear that are having an identity crisis, but aren’t really thongs either so I was on the fence about them. Either way, they’re hella cute. I think it’s kind of a shot in the dark for the brand to be able to nail your exact preferences, right? As with any subscription service, they’re curating the best they can.

The Quality and Fit

This is where they lost me. Maybe I’m just hard on my undies, or maybe I have unrealistic expectations for $4 underwear. Either way, 4/6 pairs I received already have a hole in them, and they all ripped in a seam. They’re incredibly comfortable and soft, and the lace isn’t scratchy by any means, though. Also, they are true to fit, as advertised, so they fit perfectly but unfortunately didn’t hold up for long.

My best advice, if you’re interested, is to try them out for a month or 2 and see how you feel. I mean, for $4-$12 you don’t have too much to lose if you don’t like them. I cancelled my subscription after the 2 months because it just wasn’t for me and it was as easy as clicking a button so if you decide you’re not a fan, the process is easy. I’ll be happy to resubscribe if I hear of the quality improving but for the meantime I continue to hit up the mall.

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Featured Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash

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