Unicorn Hair and Fantasy Dye Colors

My daughter has been asking me to let her dye her hair for the last 6 months. My first thought was hell no! but I started to realize that was more because of my fear of being judged than anything else, and really, that’s not a valid reason. 

I’m an advocate and firm believer in the power of self expression. For some people, they use their wardrobe to express themselves. I keep my wardrobe pretty basic, so I like to express myself through my hair and body art.

I realize at 7 and 8 years old, my kids are somewhat limited in how they can share their self expression but changing their hair color should not be one of those limitations. Especially not because, as their mom, I’M worried about being judged. That’s not fair. Besides, when is it really appropriate to have multicolored hair? I would think as a kid, right?

As much as society has made great strides in accepting people for who they are, I remember a time when you couldn’t even work in fast food if you had a visible piercing or tattoo. I watched girls being suspended from school for have streaks in their hair! Did colored hair really inhibit their ability to learn and grow?!

Anyways, it’s not 2005 anymore and thankfully my kids’ school is pretty liberal, so yes, I let them dye their hair.

At first my daughter wanted to do her whole head in a pastel purple. After a conversation with go-to hair-styling bestie, she informed me we would have to bleach her whole head to achieve that look. Having had my own trauma experiences with bleaching, I shut that idea down pretty quickly. Ash has beautiful, healthy, luscious hair, that doesn’t need to be totally fried at her age. Instead, my friend suggested talking to my daughter about just doing the tips so that any damage would be easily grown out and if she changed her mind, we could just give her a trim.

We found the common ground that we were both happy with and started looking for styles. Some of you may remember me posting on facebook about her wanting some help deciding on a look.

She decided on a modified #4 and it turned out great!

My son even wanted in on the fun and had mentioned that he wanted to dye his perfectly platinum blond hair black. I was willing to let him, especially since there was no bleach involved, but after he saw my change from blond to teal/blue and black, he decided to go with blue instead.

All in all, both turned out great even though Cole’s forehead is still dyed, haha! If we’re being honest, I’m actually jealous of Ash’s hair. The colors came out so vibrant and my girl did an awesome job. She’s been doing my hair since we were teenagers and has seen me from black to blond twice now in that time and still agreed to add the black and teal this time around. She’s hella patient and hella talented. I’m so grateful.

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unicorn hair

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