Weight Loss So Far and My Starting Weight

I’m really excited to share these pictures and numbers with you… but I’m also scared to death. It’s like saying it out loud and sharing it like this is in some way an admission of guilt when really I should look at it like a triumph. A win. 

Very few people actually know what my starting weight was when I began this health and weight loss journey but I’m done hiding it. I’m ready to shout it out loud and high five any person who knows how good it feels to work your ass off and achieve something like this, and I’m only getting more healthy and more strong.

Why do we need to be so ashamed of the number on the scale? Why is a woman’s weight such a taboo topic?

Do we think it makes us less of a person or too much of a person? Do we think people can’t already tell if we’re overweight or not?

Does it even matter what anybody thinks?! The older I get the more I realize that giving fucks about what other people think of me is pointless. It’s not going to change what they think, so let them think it. Focus your energy on making sure that what YOU think about YOURSELF is good shit because at the end of the day when you rest your head you need be a peace with you and only you.

“How you gonna win if you ain’t right within?” – Lauren Hill

Anyways, here’s my progress pics and starting weight.

As of today when I took these pics, I was down 55lbs. According to the super awesome site Weights and Things, that’s like 9238 table tennis balls, or 249 muffins (which is ironic since muffins are the devil to a low-carb lady such as myself), or the average weight of a 7yr old kid.


I’ve experienced many benefits from this weight loss so far both physical and mental, including reversing Type 2 Diabetes and greatly improving my anxiety. I’m going to go into more detail in later posts about what exactly I eat because the type of Keto I do is a bit unconventional but if it’s peaked your interest, have a look at Ketogains. They’re an excellent resource. I’m a firm believer that a healthy diet is a VERY personal road to travel because we all have different needs, but this was definitely the baseline jumping point that I needed. There’s no need for fancy shakes, dangerous pills, or exclusive supplements.

Edited to add:

I’ve already received an outpour of support and questions about Keto since I posted an hour ago. Like I said above, I will post about MY version of keto but I’m not a Doctor nor Nutritionist. Ketogians is great, but if you’re looking for some tangible organized reading, here are some awesome books on the topic from Amazon. These are referral links which means I will receive a commission for your purchase but it doesn;t change the cost of anything for you. It just helps me keep this blog running. Plus, avocados are expensive AF. 




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