Zenni Optical Review

Glasses are hella expensive. Even with insurance they can break the bank so if you lose or break them before you’re up for a renewal then be prepared to drop some cash. 

After an unfortunate battle of new puppy vs new glasses, I accepted the idea of being without my specs for the next 3 years because I wasn’t willing to spend the money to replace them. I figured since I only need them to see close up, I would be fine.

Flash forward 2 years and I was realizing the weight of my decision. Headaches and poor night vision were a daily occurrence. I stare at a damn computer screen for hours a day for work, how did I not realize this was going to be a problem? Anyways, I reached out on Facebook to ask my friends if anyone knew where to get cheap glasses and a friend suggested Zenni Optical.

I had never heard of them but she told me she orders from them all the time and it’s super cost effective… like $10 a pair cost effective and they were decent quality. I was already sold but decided to read some reviews to be sure. For the most part, they were all pretty good. Some people were salty that they didn’t look the way they had expected, even though there’s a tool on the site that lets you superimpose the glasses on a picture of your face, but overall people were satisfied with the quality.

I started shopping and was happy to see a variety of styles and the starting price point was like $7! They went up in price from there but I think the most expensive pair I saw was $30. Still WAY better than the $300+ in stores. They also offer all the standard customization like scratch resistant, anti-glare, bifocal, etc, for a super reasonable extra fee. Looking back now I wish I would have gotten the anti-glare coating but that’s my fault, not theirs. I was feeling cheap.

To order all you need is a copy of your prescription from your Optometrist which they should have no problem printing out for you. I ordered 2 pairs, one for $10 and another for $12. Shipping was $10 regardless of how many pairs I ordered, which was cool. They arrived within a week and in perfect condition.

Even though I used the tool on the site that lets you “put the glasses on” I kind of understand the downside of not trying them on first. One pair was a bit wider than I would have liked but for a $10 back up pair I honestly wasn’t too choked up about it. The ones I ordered for everyday use were (and still are) PERFECT. I’ve had them for about 6 months now and I truly recommend Zenni to people when I get the chance. They’ve held up incredibly well and I’m not easy on them. I ordered a pair for my daughter a couple months ago as well and they survived her, so that’s huge.

If you do decide to order from, you can save $5 by using any of the links in this post or by clicking here. They’ll give me $5 off my next order too, so it’s a win win. Overall, I’m a happy customer and will continue buying from them.

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Zenni Optical Review

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